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Fascia, Soffits and Guttering

Fascia's & Guttering

The supporting fixtures and fittings to any roof system are as equally important as the roof itself, if the roof is to perform as desired.


Fascia & Guttering Specialists

When you think of a roof you immediately think about its surface, but no roof is complete without the appropriate installation of UPVC fascia, soffits, guttering and Leadwork.

These elements are not included for aesthetic benefit but instead, each presents a practical defence from water entering your property.

Fascia Board

The fascia board has many important parts to play in completing a roofing system.

As well as acting as a blockade from water penetrating the roof deck and any internal areas, it also supports roof materials like tiles and acts as a fixing point for guttering.

Moreover, it offers a more pleasant visual finish to a roof installation, concealing much or the heavy-duty fabrics behind. Available in a wide range of sizes, textures and colours, you can give your property virtually any look you wish.

Fascia Boards



Situated on the underside of the fascia and adjacent to the wall of the building, the principle purpose of the soffit is to protect roof rafters from the elements, preserving the performance longevity of the roof structure. 

Often unnoticed due to its positioning, the soffit plays an integral part in allowing air to circulate in the roof cavity, diminishing the likelihood of decay to the roof materials.



While the roofing industry has developed a whole host of new materials to better defend against the elements, lead is still very prevalent and remains an extremely important component. 

As well as offering cosmetic appeal, lead ‘flashings’ are generally incorporated within a roof system to create a waterproof seal where the roof meets the wall of a building, roof valley or around other penetrable areas like chimneys, pipes, windows and door openings.


20-Year Guarantee

Punctual & Responsive


Extension Roof

Location: Corby
Service: Flat Roof
Solution: Single Play, Supply & Fix
Size: 40m2
Material: IKO Armourplan PSG 
Guarantee: 20-Years

Single Ply Roof

Garage Roof

Location: Corby
Service: Flat Roof
Solution: Felt, Supply & Fix
Size: 30m2
Material: Swisspoor 
Guarantee: 20-Years

Flat Roof

Extension Roof

Location: Corby
Service: Sloped Roof
Solution: Single Ply, Supply & Fix
Size: 32m2
Material: IKO Armourplan PSG 
Guarantee: 20-Years

Single Ply Roof
  • What is the process for receiving a Roof Quotation?
    Sean Feeley Roofing provide a free no-obligation quotation for all roof repair, replacement, and installations. An initial site visit will allow us to fully ascertain the problem, before making the most appropriate recommendations. The extent of the damage will dictate whether minor fixes will be sufficient or whether a more comprehensive solution is required.
  • Which geographic locations do you complete Roofing works?
    Sean Feeley Roofing operate in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Oundle, Thrapston, Northampton, Market Harborough, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.
  • Do you a offer a Guarantee for your Roofing works?
    Yes, all of our works come with a 15-year’ plus guarantee for complete customer peace of mind. The different roof solutions will determine the exact length of the warranty. Experienced completing all Roof solutions for over 40-years’ and only utilising the best materials and approved working techniques in the market, you’re in safe hands with Sean Feeley Roofing.
  • What Roof Solutions do you provide?
    Sean Feeley Roofing has a proven track-record in delivering excellent Flat Roofing, Felt Roofing, Rubber Roofing, Single Ply Roofing, Pitched Roofing and Roof repairs, all supplemented by the appropriate leadwork, UPVC fascia’s, guttering and rooflight finishes where appropriate.

Fascia, Soffits & Guttering FAQ's

What Our Clients Say:

"Sean did a first-class job, the roof looks great and the lantern expertly sealed. He managed to work around our builders at times and the whole project went without a hitch. We would recommend Sean without question.."

Paula - NN11

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